Remembering God’s Faithfulness

You called in trouble, and I delivered you.
I tested you at the waters of Meribah.     ~Selah
Psalm 81: 7a, c

When I have been tempted to despair, the Holy Spirit has often been gracious to remind me of the numerous times God has delivered me from seemingly impossible difficulties. What hope and comfort that remembrance ignites in my heart. When I harbor a forgetful heart and a fretting spirit, hope is quenched and comfort slips through my grasp. Spurgeon tells us, God heard His people’s cries in Egypt…God does not forsake us in our need…[w]hen our hearts wander from God, our [previously] answered prayers cry, “Shame on us”…[t]oo often, our unbelief returns to us the wretched yield of mistrust, murmuring, and rebellion. Great is our sin. But greater is the mercy of our God. Let us reflect on both and pause [Selah] awhile.

Abba, Father, grant that I might remember Your faithfulness to answer the cries of Your people, even my own cries, for deliverance, O most merciful King. The trials that afflict me now are certainly no greater than those You have delivered me from in the past, and most assuredly, no trial is as great as my former heart of stone and bondage to sin. You are always gracious; let me rest in Your care. Through Christ, my Maker, Redeemer, and Friend. Amen.

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