Who but Christ?

The work to be performed by the mediator [Christ]
was of no common description…
to restore us to the divine favor so as to make us,
instead of sons of men,
sons of God;
instead of heirs of hell,
heirs of a heavenly kingdom.
Who could do this,
unless the Son of God
should also become
the Son of Man,
and so receive what is ours
as to transfer to us what is His,
making that which is His by nature
to become ours by grace?

John Calvin was clearly no dry, boring theologian. These words excite in my soul doxology and praise. Jesus, my Savior, my Lord, and my God…you took the only thing I have that is mine to give and gave to me that which could never be mine apart from Your grace. May Your Name be blessed FOREVER. Amen.