faith confirmed ~ hearts established

Psalm 68:9
You, O God, sent a plentiful rain,
Whereby You confirmed Your inheritance
When it was weary.

I found myself asking a dear sister for encouragement when my faith was suddenly tested by the realization that we face an economic crisis in this country that will most likely greatly impact my ability to provide for my two daughters. With a recounting of the miracles that sustained Israel in their desert wanderings, she reminded me that God provides for His own. For some reason I had momentarily forgotten that He does, indeed, and imagined that it was up to me to perform what only our Creator and Sustainer can do. Then, as an echo to her lovingly-crafted answer I discovered to my edification and comfort that David also reminds God’s people in this Psalm that it is God who provides the rain that refreshes the weary. How eloquently Spurgeon elaborates on this truth:

Such rain as never fell before dropped bread from heaven on the desert sand, and quails [sic] came up all around [Israel’s] camp. Good gifts were poured on them; rivers leaped from the rocks. The earth shook with fear, and in reply, the Lord…shook blessings on it…On the end of each stage [of their desert wanderings], when [Israel] halted, weary with the march, they found showers of good things [so] that they were readily refreshed. Their feet did not swell all those forty years.
      When they were exhausted,
                             God was not.
      When they were weary,
                             God was not.
They were His chosen heritage, and for their good He allowed them to be weary. Yet He watchfully tended them and tenderly considered their distress. In like manner, to this day, the elect of God in this wilderness state are apt to become tired and faint, but their ever-loving Jehovah comes with timely comfort. He cheers the faint, strengthens the weak, and refreshes the hungry. Once again…the church militant will advance with bold and firm steps toward its rest. By this faithfulness, the faith of God’s people is confirmed and their hearts established. If fatigue and lack make them waver, the timely supply of grace supports them again on the eternal foundation.

Jehovah-Jireh, You are the only Source of life and all things pertaining to it. Forgive me for setting up idols (my own abilities) and looking to them to provide. You have shown through the ages Your faithfulness to Your people. Jesus reminds me that I am more valuable than sparrows and lilies; let me not look into the future with fear but with faith. Let not the wicked say that You have failed to satisfy the needs of Your own. Glorify Your Name, and the Name of Your Son, in which I pray. Amen.

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